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Horizont 2020 - nabídka spolupráce v projektu

Dear Colleagues,

The Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Spain) is searching for institutions, especially  universities, interested in being involved as partners in a project of the Horizon 2020.  

EU Programme Horizon 2020 

Call: Call for promoting Gender Equality in Research and  Innovation (GERI-2014), deadline 2nd October 2014 

Topic: Support to research organisations to implement gender  equality plans 

Life of the project: 2015-2017 

Description: http://www.urv.cat/media/upload//arxius/igualtat/cap/Call-for-partners-H2020-GERI-GEP.pdf

About the host institution 

The Equality Gender Observatory of Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Spain) is focused on  identifying the existent inequalities between men and women, collecting and analysing relevant information about gender equality, monitoring the situation about equal opportunities in the University over time, promoting and enhancing learning and research on gender and being a centre of expertise, resources and specialised studies. 

University webpage: http://www.urv.cat/en_index.html 

Observatory webpage: http://www.urv.cat/igualtat/en_index.html 

About the Project 

The project aims to promote gender equity in research institutions by supporting structures, policies and training. It will be developed on the basis of 3 key elements: 1) an in-depth diagnosis of the situation of women and men in each partner institution as well as its country, 2) the development, approval and assessment of Gender Equality Plans (GEP) in each institution member of the consortium in order to remove barriers to the career progression of female researchers, address gender imbalances all over the institution and strengthen gender mainstreaming in research and teaching, and 3) 

the creation or modernisation of Gender Units in each partner institution and the engagement of the university council so that structural changes could be done and last for a long time. To attain those aims, training on gender issues and methodology on data analysis, GEP development and assessment will be provided. 

Thanks for forwarding this to your networks so that we can have as broad a call as possible.

We greatly look forward to working with your University.




Ana Acosta

PDI predoctoral de l'Àrea de Sociologia
Grup de Social and Business Research Lab - SBRLab
Dpt. de Gestió d'Empreses - Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Despatx 42, Facultat de Ciències Jurídiques
Av. Catalunya 35, 43002 Tarragona (Catalunya)
+34 977558342 / ana.acosta@urv.cat


O případném návrhu spolupráce prosím informujte PGC.

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