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Minutes from SF - 1.12.2014

Minutes from student forum meeting

December 1, 2014


MM: Michaela Miklíková – Senate, LSS

JB: Josef Brychta - Senate, LSS, WikiLectures

JR: Jan Razima – Senate, MEPI

AP: Aneta Papanová - MEPI

TX: Thinh Xuan Thinh - IFMSA

JN: Johana Nowak – Senate, ISMAP

IP: Ines Pina - ISMAP

LH: Lenka Hejretová - LSS

LE: Ladislav Henlín - LSS



1, It was agreed that a meeting will be conducted in English.

2, Eduroam:

  • problem: nobody knows how and where you can connect
  • Solution:
    • single notification - at the same will time be put up information and links to:
      • faculty web
      • facebook
      • information kiosks
  • posting stickers with QR code (refer to installation instructions) on the doors of rooms where you can connect to eduroam.
  • task: JB agreed to disscuss notification and stickers with Ing. Křikavová

3, Study Guides:

  • present and update on Wikiskripta/Wikilectures
  • deal with the ISMAP – English speaking students will transfer their study information to Wikilectures (ISMAP contact JB)
  • study guide for freshmen - efforts of the faculty of its creation - a consensus that student associations can help

4, Student Forum:

  • Googlegroups - forum has a group, but so far nobody know the password, JB will obtain credentials from Jiri Mudruňka and will add all
  • Website: Forum representatives will disscuss with Ing. Křikavová the possibility of posting informations about student associations on the official faculty webpages. If this will not be possible, forum will try to ask rector for money for student webpages.

5, Youtube channel:

  • Video about student associations may be placed there – whoever is interested, should contact Mr. Tupa
  • English speaking students informed that they would appreciate the videos with English subtitles
  • there was an idea about making a short video on how to connect to eduroam

6, The Day of Open Doors at faculty:

  • Faculty is looking for volunteers from student associations who will prepare stands
  • Who is interested should contact Mrs. Burianková from the study department
    • and should write her an email with informations - how many people will go, what will they do, what they need from the Dean's Office,...

7,  Rules for allocating of hospital for 6th year students of general medicine in Czech:

  • there is need to complete the rules
  • there was an idea of giving points for active students – next time it will be disscussed
  • there is need to inform students about which hospitals passed this year

8, Summer voluntary practice:

  • This information is brought to the forum, it was agreed that all depends on the individual agreement of students and hospital


  • JB informed that doc. Štengl organizes a platform where all student‘s scientific work opportunities (SVOC) will be published

10, University for children:

  • A new initiative of the rector, the task was to think about it
  • MM will find more information

11, Rector grant finance for student clubs:

  • There is a necessity to connect more than one association
  • Rector can give financial aid to a single event or long term activity
  • World health day:
    • event of IFMSA - invite other associations to participate
    • large one-off event, the opportunity to ask for the financial support of the Rector
    • Lucie Hajna will come in January and will give us more information
    • Involvement of freshmen:
      • adapt course for Czech freshmen, the possibility for the English - contact Mgr. Cerveny (PT department)
      • Infotour
      • Long-term plan participation - project Harry Potter
        • find tutor (3rd-5th year student) for each study group of freshmen
        • tutor will help student groups throughout the first year and organize them, to motivate participation, ...
        • competition for groups throughout the year
        • each association will come with its event for this project



Another meeting will be held on 6th of January 2015, at 7:00p.m, and it will be devoted to projects.

Each student association should prepare:

1 big event, it wants to cooperate with others in rector grant application

2 small competitions for  the Harry Potter project



Recorded by Michael Miklíková, on December 7, 2014

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