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Minutes from SF - 6.1.2015

Minutes from student forum meeting

6th of January 2015

Faculty members present: -

Representatives of student associations present: Rolník Tomáš (football), Brychta Josef (AS LFP UK, LSS, WikiSkripta), Miklíková Michaela (LSS, AS LFP UK), Xuan Thinh Jenda Dinh (IFMSA), Johana Nowak (AS LFP UK), Ines Pina (ISMAP), Lucie Vítková (Student Christian club Hora), Marketa Vesela (hockey team, IFMSA)

Absent representatives: MEPI, Medics in action, SSSČR


  1. Josef Brychta told the audience that the next meeting will be attended by a representative of the faculty. Another session was scheduled on 17. 2. 2015.
  2. Agreed proposal: In case of prolonged absence of representatives at the student forum association meetings, this student association will be excluded from the present grant system of LFP.
  3. Josef Brychta informed attendees about the positive response from the faculty leadership management for the production of information posters about use of eduroam network. Ines Pina and Joanna Nowak had prepared posters for foreign students, which they promissed to send to Josef Brychta.
  4. Untill 11.1. all student associations have to prepare a brief overview about themselves, their activity and contacts (in Czech and in English), and send it by e-mail to MD. et Mgr. Michaela Miklíková (email: She will place it on the official website of faculty.
  5. In the case of upcomming event, contact Michaela Miklíková, she can post the event on official faculty calendar.
  6. The organization IFMSA, LSS and ISMAP confirmed their participation in the Faculty Open doors day.
  7. Markéta Vesela was given the task to find out the rules for application for money from the rector grant.
  8. Between days 12 to 19 will be the first skype discussion about the World health day.
  9. Michaela Miklíková informed about purchase of patient simulator, which will enable students to practice many doctor skills. It will be located on Pavlovs Institute.
  10. Other topics of this meeting were – tasks for Harry Potter project: fallen students, OVAVT, geocaching, ovavt test, Laser game, CPR training IFMSA game, various games ...
  11. Lucie Vítková informed attendees about the activities of the Student Christian club Hora.


Written on 7th of January 2015


Written by: Tomas Rolník

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