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Minutes from SF - 18.2.2015

Protocol of the meeting SF 2.18 2015

Faculty members present: Ing. M. Klečková, Ing. B. Černíková, Ing. L. Křikavová, MD. D. Rajdl PhD., Mgr. M. Mičan

Present representatives of student associations: MD. Mgr. M. Miklíková (Senate LSS), M. Veselá (IFMSA, hockey), J. Brychta (Senate, LSS, WikiSkripta), L. Henlín (LSS), L. Vítková (HORA, LSS), M. Černá, TX Dinh, L. Hajná (all IFMSA), T. Rolník (soccer player), M. Chytilová (MEPI), I. Pina (ISMAP), J. Nowak (Senate), T. Lorenc (Medici in action), L. Janouškovcová A. Průša (SSSČR), Zhobin Kronold (dentistry english)


1. Mutual presentation of faculty members and student associations.

2. Presentation of the project  World Health Day (WHD)

  • L. Hajná informed about the event, stands of IFMSA (Who would fear Cancer, hospital for teddy bears, Healthy Lifestyle, measuring)
  • M. Miklíková informed about stand of LSS (CPR, demonstration treatment)
  • Janouškovcová L. and A. Průša informed about stand of SSSČR (prevention of diseases of the oral cavity)
  • L. Hajná will be the main project coordinator and contact person for LFP.

3. Discussion on WHD

  • Ing. M. Klečková was interested in the details of the project financing and facilities.
  • J. Brychta spoke about the possibilities of the rector´s grant, unfortunately  event is after the date of closure of applications.
  • M. Klečková pointed out that it is possible to apply for grant money from the rector´sgrant retrospectively. She offered  help (tables, car, PR).
  • L. Hainá told the details of cooperation with the shopping center Rokycanská and will continue to communicate with it.
  • Ing. B. Černíková informed about the possibilities of PR on the part of faculty and proposed to address a publicly known person to help popularize the event. The issue of sponsors was discussed.
  • T. Rolník promised, that football team will help with the organization of the event.
  • M. Chytilová MEPI promised assistance in organizing the event.
  • T. Lorenc promised, that medici v akci will with in the organization the event.
  • It is important to raise awareness of the actions of students between academics and the public. After  event, it would be appropriate to report on the outcome of the Academic Senate of LFP UK and contacte newspapers or radio.

4. Information about events organized by the faculty (Ing. M. Klečková)

  • Faculty annually organizes Ball and Garden Party. Asked students to involve more in their organizating.
  • Student Forum will be a space to improve communication between faculty and associations in the future will determine the students who will interact with faculty.

5. Possibilities of financing the activities of students (MD. D. Rajdl PhD.)

  • Students were alert to the possibility of financing projects from grants. D.R. offered assistance in obtaining them.

6. Facebook account (Ing. L. Křikavová)

  • Each associantion selects representative who gains access to faculty facebook. Rules of using were clarified.

7. The forms for application for financial assistance for associations (Mgr. M. Mičan)

  • Students were introduced to a new form that will be sent to leaders of associations. All associatins will sent completed forms until March 15, 2015 to study department.

8. Foreign students (I. Pina, J. Nowak)

  • Students asked for translation of informations in English. Faculty representatives promised to improve the situation.

9. EDUROAM (J. Brychta, I. Pina)

  • Students presented a simple guide, which could be put up in places covered by eduroam network.
  • The possibilities of using eduroam network could be shared by students associations on their Facebook page.

10. Presentation of the Student Forum on the Dean's meeting (Ing. Klečková M., J. Brychta, M. Veselá)

  • Ing. et Ing. Jiri Polivka will be asked to present a proposal at the Dean´s board  and bring representatives of SF to next meeting of board.

11. Other meetings

  • 10 March at 18:00 on ŠAF, representatives of associations will  discuss a request for financial support from the LFP UK and and organizing of WHD. Deadline for requests  for financial support  for the year 2015 is the 15th March 2015.
  • March 25 at 17:00 at ŠAF, meeting of representatives of associations and representatives of faculty.


Written by Josef Brychta, on 2/18 2015

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