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Information for 6th year General Medicine students and 5th year Dentistry students

To be allowed to sit your State Exams, you have to successfully complete all the study duties from the previous years.

The number of credits achieved during the whole time of your study is 360 credits in General Medicine Course, 300 credits in Dentistry.This includes also full number of credits for core elective subjects: General Medicine - 18 credits, Dentistry - 15 credits. Check the number of credits carefully before enrollment into the 6th year General Medicine/5th year Dentistry.

The maximum length of study is ten years. The length of study is counted as of the first day of the academic year in which the student is enrolled. After the maximum length of study has expired, the student may not take State Final Examinations, or fulfil other study requirements. State Final Examinations taken, or other study requirements fulfilled, after the expiration of the maximum length of study are invalid.


Conditions for obtaining a RED DIPLOMA (graduation with honor)

  1. You were classified only Excellent and Very good during the whole time of your study
  2. If you have been classified with Good in one subject, the Dean may permit a re-sit for the examination (upon your previous request)
  3. You never had a failing attempt in any subject
  4. You achieved average results up to 1,5 (incl.)
  5. You passed all your State Exams with Excellent

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