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Health Insurance and Medical Care

for students of master's programmes in English language

In case of health problems please contact and arrange your appointment by:

MUDr. Vendulka Machartová, Ph.D

Head of the Department of Occupational Diseases, FN-Lochotín, Alej Svobody 80, 304 60 Plzeň, Entrance F+D, 7th floor (there is a label with the name of the Dept. of Occupational Medicine - Vedení kliniky pracovního lékařství).

Official hours:

Monday – Friday    07:00 a.m. – 12:00.

Arranging of an appointment in advance (by e-mail: and respecting the official hours is required.

All students of the higher years (except the 1st year students) should fill out and print out the attached  Medical Questionnaire and bring it together with the copy of the Vaccination Card for your first visit of the doctor.


All students are obliged to have a valid health insurance during their stay in the Czech Republic.

Students from EU countries holding a „Blue European Insurance Card“ should register their health insurance cards at the VZP Insurance Company:

Sady 5.května 59, Pilsen

Tel: 952 222 222

This registration is for free. It is necessary and obligatory in order to get a medical care in the Czech Republic.

Please bear in mind, that your European health card insurance (or with the E111 form and Provisional certificate) don’t cover non-urgent treatment, or medically assisted transport home following serious illness or injury entitles and for these eventualities we recommend you take out extra medical or commercial travel insurance with an insurance provider in your home country.

Students from non-EU countries do not register their insurance cards  and they solve the payment for medical services directly with their insurance company according their insurance conditions. (These students must have a valid international medical insurance plan, or they must expect to pay cash for all medical care.)

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