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Certificate of Non-Membership of the Czech Medical Chamber

The Certificate of non-membership is provided by the Czech Medical Chamber – Česká lékařská komora (ČLK).Find out at first if this certificate is needed in a particular country where you want to work. For the  application it is necessary to submit a filled application form and a (non-verified) copy of the Diploma.

The Certificate of non-membership is an equivalent to the Certificate of good standing provided to the graduates of the faculty of medicine when seeking a job abroad. This request is completed by the applicant / medical graduate who studied in the Czech Republic, but has never been a member of the CMC and thus has never practiced in the treatment and preventive care in the Czech Republic. Certificate of non-membership, which is on the basis of this request is issued, serves as the equivalent of a certificate of professional clean record of a doctor - a member of the CMC (Certificate of good standing).

To obtain the certificate of non-membership, it is needed to provide  a copy of diploma and pay the administrative fee of  1000,- CZK (GM), reps. 600,- CZK (DY).

It is possible to apply in two ways:

1.Personally It is necessary to submit an application form filled and a copy (non-verified) of your diploma. The fee is paid at the cash desk of ČLK and the procedure is faster. ČLK – Česká lékařská komora Lékařská 2/291  150 00 Praha 5         

Zahraniční oddělení, contact person: Ivana Vašková email: foreign@clkcr.cz , tel.: +420 234 760 702 - office hours upon the prior arrangement via e-mail 

Even if you apply personally the certificate will not be issued an given to you immediatelly, it will be posted to you within a several days.                                                                                     

2.Via e-mail It is necessary to send scanned copies of filled Application form and the  the copy of the Diploma to the e-mail address specified above. You will get the information regarding payment of the fee – the bank account information, etc. When the fee will be received by ČLK, the certificate will be prepared for you immediately and posted to the address you provided on the application The certificate is provided in several languages (including English) – tick on the application the language you prefer. 


Note: In case you would like to apply for a job in the Czech Republic, you will need  different document instead and go through the different procedure.

For more information, please contact the Czech Medical Chamber.

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