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UEF Summer School on 12-23 August 2019

Předáváme nabídku partnerské univerzity:

We are happy to welcome applications from your students to the UEF Summer School on 12-23 August 2019. Application period runs until 15 June 2019. The courses offered are available at http://www.uef.fi/en/web/summerschool/courses-summer-2019.

The Summer School will be more than just taking a course: it is an excellent opportunity to experience an innovative and international learning environment while creating new networks with your fellow students - and let's not forget about the opportunity to enjoy typical Finnish summer activities in beautiful lakeside surroundings. Our lively cities and cosy campuses in Joensuu and Kuopio welcome you, so make a smart decision and join us in the middle of (k)nowhere! Read more about reasons why to choose UEF here.

More information about UEF Summer School is available as follows:

The course fee for UEF network partner universities is:

  • 400 euros for 2-week course (the normal price 500 euros)
  • 250 euros for 1-week-course (the normal price 300 euros).
  • 200 euros for exchange students starting at UEF in autumn 2019. 

In addition, the participants should cover the travel, accommodation and living costs themselves. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact summer.school@uef.fi. Looking forward to hosting your students at UEF in August.

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