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General Information


Study Programmes   

See the list of 23 Accredited Doctoral Study Programs

Period of Study

Standard period 4 years, maximum 8 years

Form of Study

Full-time / Combined

Language of Study 

English / Czech


CZK 0,- / Free of Charge


in the Full-time form of study only


4-5 Compulsory Courses + 2 Individual Exams agreed with a Supervisor

(as stated in the Individual Study Plan)

Completing of Study

1. State Doctoral Exam
2. Dissertation Defence

Graduate Degree


Application Deadline

30th April 2022


Mgr. Barbora Stachová

barbora.stachova@lfp.cuni.cz. +420 377 593 467

Ing. Daniela Vyzrálová 

daniela.vyzralova@lfp.cuni.cz. +420 377 593 466


Charles University, Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen
Dean's office, Department of Science and Research

Husova 3, 2nd floor 
Pilsen, 301 00, Czech Republic

Detailed Information

  • There are 23 accredited study programs organised in the Postgraduate doctoral study (Ph.D.) at the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen. 

  • Doctoral studies are provided under the direction of the Supervising Tutor (Supervisor) and a Consulting Tutor.

  • All applicants are expected to meet the basic requirements – certification of completed undergraduate degree (master degree).  We welcome graduates from all the relevant fields, not only medicine. 

  • We welcome graduates of all nationalities. In case the applicant is not a graduate of EU university or there is not an existing agreement between relevant country and the Czech Republic about mutual recognition of university diploma, it is necessary for the applicant to present a confirmation of equivalency of his/her university degree or a certificate. Read more details below in the section "Recognition of Master's degree from universities outside the Czech Republic".
  • Conditions and topics for doctoral study are announced according to the number of available supervisors and their number of research projects (grants). That means that not all Subject-Area Boards announce admission procedures in both or one form of study for a given academic year. Conditions for admission, dissertation thesis topics, content of entrance exams, etc., are different for individual study program and are being adapted every year according to the requirements of the Subject-Area Board of Ph.D. programme.

  • Preliminary questions concerning study opportunities can be answered on condition that the applicant will submit professional Curriculum Vitae, i.e. basic information about his/her practice, qualifications, scientific interest and activities including a publication activity summary. It is recommended to contact the head of  the Subject-Area Board of Ph.D. programme or appropriate Supervisor first.

  • Admission proceedings - dissertation topics for Ph.D. study for the following academic year are announced at the beginning of January, together with the deadline for submitting applications till April 30 at the latest. Specific information about conditions of admission and topics of dissertation theses in particular study program, including a list of required documents, are presented on the official board of the Faculty (in this section of "Applicants"). 

  • There is NO tuition for doctoral study both in the English and Czech language. However, all the other living expenses are not provided. There is a scholarship for all students of the full-time mode of study.

  • Students are encouraged to learn basic Czech necessary for communication with patients at clinical departments.

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