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Charles University (CU) closely monitors the spread of COVID-19 and continuously informs  academic community. UK follows and will follow the recommendations of the relevant authorities and is ready to respond promptly to developments (see the UK website for more information). At the Rectorate of Charles University, the situation is monitored by a staff (including a doctor, a virologist), and 17 coordinators are designated at all 17 faculties. Teaching is not cancelled, dormitories and refectories work normally. Even balls or other cultural and social events are not interrupted, however, the university appeals to the personal responsibility of the participants and the participation of only persons without symptoms and who were not in risk areas (but it is also expected to return the entrance fee, etc.). Further consultations are ready to be provided by the CU staff at the contacts below. and telephone number +420 224 491 850 (operation of the university information line (Monday - Thursday 9 am - 5 pm, Friday 9 am - 4 pm) were established for e-mail inquiries concerning the coronavirus epidemic topic.

Nonstop help line of the National Institute of Public Health: +420 724 810 106, +420 725 191 367

Contact person for foreigner students of Medical faculty in Pilsen is: doc. MUDr. Jitka Kuncová, Ph.D., GP for English students: MUDr. Viktor Vojtěch,; telephone 377 401 111

Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen will not restrict teaching across the board. The opinion of the faculty is fully in accordance with the opinion of the CU management. Teaching is not abolished, however, the faculty appeals to the personal responsibility of the participants and the participation of only persons without symptoms and who have not been in risk areas or have not met the risk person.

The faculty will excuse absenteeism from those students who are subject to at least one of the following three criteria:   

a. feel signs of infection; or   

b. have returned from the risk area (the list of which is updated on a daily basis by the competent government authorities); or   

c. have close or repeated contact with the person at risk.

Students who meet any of the three points above are asked not to attend any class for 14 days after symptoms / return / contact. They are recommended to stay at home and contact by telephone or email: GP (for foreigner student from Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen - MUDr. Viktor Vojtěch,; telephone 377 401 111) or regional department of epidemiology (for the Pilsen region with headquarters in Pilsen by telephone: 377 155 209, -205, -204, -106, -100;, English version), and follow their instructions.  In accordance with the recommendation of the Charles University Academic Senate, the faculty grants such students extra study leave. This absence of up to 14 days will be duly excused on the basis of their affidavit for one of the reasons given above (the faculty will not require a medical certificate). The students will agree with the supervisor of the course in question to compensate for the missed tuition. The faculty management recommends that all teachers in this situation meet the needs of students and allow them to compensate for self-study or alternate in another term. In exceptional cases, the supervisor of the course may recognize such an absence as if the student had attended the course. For these reasons, all students who are temporarily absent from the class will inform both the responsible teacher and the Dean's Office of the exact date of their absence. This measure also applies to students whose access to practical instruction is prevented by the medical facility in which the instruction was to take place.

Erasmus students. The faculty fully agrees with the recommendation issued by CU:   

a. Unless absolutely necessary, do not travel to the affected areas (ie China, South Korea, Iran, Northern Italy, see if the number of these areas will increase over time).   

b. Do not receive guests from these areas for the duration of the epidemic.  

 c. If you have experienced any of the affected areas, monitor your condition and contact your doctor immediately if you experience flu-like symptoms within 14 days of this meeting.   

d. If you have been asked to observe “quarantine at home”, please observe it at your residence (permanent or temporary) and inform us at   

e. In case of emergency, contact a doctor immediately and do not use public transport.

f. If you travel to the affected area for any reason, you must count on a 14-day quarantine at home when you return.

Recommendations for business and private trips. The Faculty recommends to students and staff to limit their travel abroad to the minimum necessary in the near future. If a worker or student of the faculty embarks on a trip abroad on the date of departure of an officially recognized risk country after 9.3.2020, he / she must count on a stricter assessment of his / her absence than mentioned above because he / she has not followed this recommendation.

Persons (students or employees) who have been quarantined or recommended by the Hygiene Service are obliged to inform the faculty management by e-mail at The same applies to people who have undergone a Covid-19 examination.

Hygiene, disinfection. We ask for strict observance of common sanitary measures. The faculty will immediately order hand disinfection in key areas (toilets, lecture halls) and take further measures. Their implementation will depend on the current availability of these funds on the market.

With immediate effect, the faculty discontinues teaching at the University of the Third Age. 

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