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How to teach online

The webinar will take place on Tuesday, March 24 at 2 PM via ZOOM in this online room:

The webinar will be led by MUDr. Rajdl. Main focus will be on hardware, software and settings recommended for online lectures (ZOOM, Moodle and OBS software). 

The recording will be available on this website

Members of the e-learning team will be ready to answer your questions after the webinar.

In case you only want to watch the webinar just click here In case you want to join the discussion and ask quesions, we recommend to download and install this app (works for PC/mobile). 

We are sorry for this delayed announcement. Hopefully, you still have time to join us.
In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
With kind regards, 

Mgr. Kristína Mizeráková

Project Coordinator - PO˃STUDIUM
E-learning Coordinator

Lékařská fakulta v Plzni, Univerzita Karlova
Husova 3, Plzeň
+420  377 593 489

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