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Form and layout of dissertation thesis, extended abstract, dissertation defence


The dissertation thesis is usually written in Czech language and the usage of a foreign language is possible in accordance with the rules of the respective faculties. The language of the dissertation is stated in the individual study plan.

The classical form of dissertation consists of the following parts:

  1. initial page (cover) - layout according to the specimen (see the attachment below),
  2. statement of originality of the dissertation thesis - author's declaration (see the attachment below),
  3. literary introduction and overview of the given topic,
  4. setting of goals of the dissertation thesis, including the definition of hypotheses ,
  5. description of used experimental methods, including statistical methods,
  6. overview of achieved, properly documented and adequately statistically evaluated own results,
  7. discussion of methodic procedures and results, including comparison with literature,
  8. conclusions and evaluation of goals and hypotheses of the dissertation,
  9. summary (in Czech and English)
  10. numbered bibliography

Dissertation based on monothematicaly focused 4 publications must be written in the classical form (Introduction, goals of the dissertation, including hypotheses, briefly used methodology, results, overall discussion of individual publications, summary and conclusion). Commented dissertation thesis should also include schemes and pictures documenting major discoveries as a result of the dissertation. Published articles form part of the dissertation. 

The number of pages of a classical dissertation should be 60-80 without bibliography and attachments. A dissertation based on at least 4 publications should count minimum 30-40 pages without bibliography and attachments.

The committee appoints two reviewers. Only associate professor, professor or a person with the title Ph.D., CSc., DrSc., Dr. can be appointed a reviewer. A supervisor, a person who took part in the dissertation process or who was the co-author of some part of student’s work cannot be a reviewer. One of the reviewers is from another faculty.

Defence of the dissertation

The dissertation defence is public. It takes place usually within 3 months after the delivery of the reviewers’s report on the dissertation.

The committee decides on the assessment of the dissertation defence in closed session which follows immediately the defence itselt. The assessment grades are: “pass” and “fail”. The committee decides by the majority of the members’ votes. In case of equality of votes, the vote of the Chair prevails.

The student is publically informed by the Chair of the committee on the result of the assessment of the dissertation defence immediately after the closed session of the committee. In case of unsuccessful defence the committee determines whether the dissertation shall be revised or completed. The defence of the dissertation can be repeated once, 6 months after the regular date of the defence at the earliest.

Extended abstract:

The purpose of the extended abstract is to provide the members of the committee of the dissertation defence with an overview of the student’s research activities and it must contain a goal of the thesis, methodology, main results, summary and list of publications of the author. The department of Science and Research of the Dean’s office distributes the texts to the members of the committee and the reviewers.

The extended abstract is written in the language of the student’s study programme. Recommended length of the extended abstract is 20-30 numbered pages. Format A5, spacing 1 – 1,5. The extended abstract must be bound. Hard or other plastic cover is not required.

The draft of the extended abstract is submitted by the student in 3 copies together with the application for the dissertation defence. The remaining 10-20 copies (the number depends on the study programme) will be delivered by the student after the announcement of the date and place of the dissertation defence and after the adding these data in the extended abstract on the page 2. The department of Science and Research distributes the extended abstract to all members of the committee for the dissertation defence and to the reviewers.


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