October 8, 2020 108 dvomi

Annu Kala got the prize in the FameLab competition

On Sunday 6 September, the postponed FameLab 2020 Czech National Final took place. The jury of esperts were focusing on the scientific content, clarity of presentation and charisma of the presenters and reached the following decision: the national winner of FameLab 2020 Czech Republic: Jana Pilátová (Charles University). Jana will represent the Czech Republic at the FameLab International Final, which has been rescheduled to November and will be streamed online. The CZECH CENTRES PRIZE was awarded to ANNU KALA (Biomedical Center of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, Charles University) who spoke about sleep disturbances during sepsis. As her prize, Annu will be spending a week-long residency at one of the European Czech Centre offices in 2021. The British Embassy Award went to Josua Smith (IOCB Prague).

Congratulations to Annu! You can still support her in The AUDIENCE PRIZE. It will be awarded to the winner of online voting – available from 18 September till 18 October 2020 here: https://bit.ly/35GP6IO.



Photo: Tomáš Belloň, Česká centra

More photos at http://www.czechcentres.cz/novinky/cena-ceskych-center-pro-mladeho-vedce-na-famelab-2/

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