November 18, 2020 136 dvomi

Dean's Office – current status

After the accident at the Dean's Office building on 19 October 2020 (collapse of part of the cornice), the roof frame is now being secured. The remaining parts of the cornice will be taken down and the roof will then be repaired. 

Scaffolding has been built along the building, the entrance to the building is provided. The Dean's Office is open from 18 November, with restrictions imposed by the current epidemiological situation.

The office hours of the Study Department are restored in a shortened mode as follows:

  • Tuesday 8,30 – 11,30
  • Thursday 12,30 – 14,30

The staff of the Dean's Office, including the Study Department, work partly at the office, partly in alternating home office mode. Before visiting the Dean's Office in person, please check that someone will be present at the office during your visit. We recommend students and staff to solve their issues preferably by phone or e-mail.

Note: Home office employees have redirected landlines to cell phones, but the calling number does not show in this arrangement. So please do not rely on us to call you back, rather try again.

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