February 22, 2022 238 dvomi

What is going on at the construction site?

Facultas nostra 2022, February

We are getting closer, we are. Last time I ended with the announcement that we started heating. Well, now we are cooling as well. The air-conditioning system are starting, flooring is being laid, soffit panels are being installed, painting is coming to an end, appliances are being installed.

A load was taken off our minds in connection with the tenders for furniture, devices and other equipment. In most tenders, we were successful; we either have contracts with suppliers or are working on them. Which means that we now intensively communicate with the suppliers of furniture in particular – we frantically choose colours, approve manufacturing drawings, go through the equipment of kitchenettes, and judge samples, so that as of March 2022 we can start furnishing the building.

Libor Kočí

Construction coordinator







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