Actual study information

Vaccination against measles

Dear students,

To undergo the  taking of antibodies against measles and to complete your vaccination against measles in case if you are not vaccinated, please contact the Vaccination Centre of Department of Infectious Diseases and Travel Medicine (Faculty Hospital in Pilsen- Bory) during their opening hours:

Mondays: 12:30 – 15:00

Thursdays: 7:00 – 15:00

Phone contact to make an appointment (+420) 377 402 039)

Bringing your vaccination card there is recommended. Students are to pay the taking antibodies and the vaccination themselves in cash, the health insurance does not include these medical procedures

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The Dean’s Direction Nr. 3/2019 determines the obligation for students of master’s and doctoral programmes of study

in Czech and English at the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen of Charles University (“students of programmes of

study”) to use the module Internships in the Student Information System (“Internships”).

See the attached files including their English translation.

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Subjects of the 1st year General Medicine - new curriculum

Dear students,

In the attached file please find a list of 1st year General Medicine subjects taught from the academic year 2019/20 according a new curricula and a list of prerequisities necessary for the enrollment into the 2nd year in the following academic year 2020/21.

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1st year General Medicine Timetables

1st year students can find their timetables here:

under setting of following criteria

Year:  1- 1.ročník

Branch: AVSEOB-Všeobecné lékařství-angličani

Study Group: (choose the number of group you belong to)

Grab DISPLAY 1.AVSEOB to see your schedule

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Information for students who are to pass 1 or more missing state examination after 1st October 2019


Information for students who are to pass 1 or more missing state examination after 1st October 2019 after their standard period of study (6 years study period for the General Medicine Course, 5 years standard period for the Dentistry course)


In order to proces the appeal to decision on assessment of fee for study, please follow these steps:

1. Pay the reduced amount of the annual tuition fee for 2019/20


General Medicine 90 000,- CZK


Dentistry 102 000,- CZK


2.  Visit personally the Study Department for Medical Studies in English in the period between 1st Ocober and 10th October 2019 during the opening hours in order to sign the documents necessary for processing the appeal to get the tuition fee reduction.


 Submit a payment confirmation of a reduced tuition fee amount.


3.   When your appeal will be positively processed by the Vice-Chancellors office, your SIS system will be open for the State exam registration in the academic year 2019/20.


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Czech for Medical Practice in Hospital - core elective subject

Core elective subject Czech for Medical Practice in Hospital will be held on Wednesdays (starting from 2.10.2019) from 14:45 till 16:25 at the Department of Languages, Šafránkův Building, room 302, lector PhDr. Tamara Kopřivová.

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5th year students - vaccination against measles

Dear students,

Every 5th year student is to submit  a proof/confirmation of test of measles antibodies at the Department of Infectious Diseases before the start of their Infectious Diseases block of teaching!

Due to the increased incidence of measles in the West Bohemian Region, it is necessary to have measles antibodies tested by their GPs. Those who have insufficient antibody levels will need a vaccine that everyone pays for themselves.


Management of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Travel Medicine

Jarmila Šindelářová

Secretary of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Travel Medicine  

Faculty Hospital Plzeň

tel:  377 402 263 E-mail:


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Information for the 6th year General Medicine, Internal block group A2

Information for students of the 6th year, General Medicine

valid for the academic years when the guarantor of the course is prof. Matějovič, dept. of Internal Medicine I, Plzeň-Lochotín


Internal medicine – block teaching

Start of blocks according to the official schedule. An information meeting will be held on the first day of the block. The time and place: at 9:30, seminary room, floor -1, Dept. of Internal medicine I, Plzeň-Lochotín). At this meeting students will be divided into subgroups and will be given information about the organization of the block, seminars, credits and state exam.

All students involved in the block (including students of the program Erasmus) are supposed to come to the information meeting. Attendance is compulsory.

  1. Work time is from 7:30 to 12:30am (heads of the wards can adapt it in accordance to their working conditions). I must point out that I will check the attendance at random.
  2. At the end of each week students are to get their Credit list signed (by the teacher or the head of the department in which they were just practicing). Please do it regularly every week, not in the end of the entire block!! During the last week of practicals, students will sit the practical exam. Students should hand over the List of attendance with all confirmed signatures, seminars and result of the pracitical exam to the secretary of the Dept. of Internal medicine I. (FN Plzeň-Lochotín, 2. floor).
  3. The program of work is arranged and supervised by teachers or the head of the departments/units. Students will join the house doctors, cooperate with them and participate in examinations of patients.
  4. Seminars are organized during the block. Students will prepare a given theme with their consultants. Consultants will give the students  instructions for the seminary work. The theme is presented orally during the seminar, and submitted in writen form (at least 5 pages of standard format) also. The seminary work (with the evaluation form) is given the secretary and will serve as an additional document for the state exam. Details see in a special attachment.
  5. The students spend several hours on duty at the Central admission department (Centrální příjem) in the late afternoon or evening, e.g. from 16 to 20 h), they should ask doctors on duty any questions they might have, and observe examination and decision making procedures in acutely ill patients.
  6. The Credit and practical examination. At the end of the block, at the department where the student was just working, the student sits the practical exam and is given the credit. The exam consists of taking a history, doing physicals, differencial diagnosis, any proposals of additional tests and treatment of assigend patient.Take your stethoscope. The basic theme of the exam and the evaluation will be written on the Credit list by the examiner (teacher or head of the dept.). Immediately thereafter the student should deliver the  Credit list to the secretary Novakova (2. floor).
  7. Test and oral examination

a Test: electronic, type of answers: „best of four“ (=„single choice“). 30 questions in 35 minutes, Result: 30-27 points: 1, 26-21 points: 2, 20-17 points: 3, 16 and less points: 4. Grade 4 means a fail and the student does not continue with oral exam.

b. Oral exam: 2 questions from internal medicine and one from pulmonology. Description of 3 ECG records.


doc. MUDr. Jaromír Eiselt, Ph.D.

deputy head for education, dept. of Internal medicine I

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Contacting the English Study Department via email

To contact the Study Department for Medical Studies in English via email, please use the email contact only. Emails addressed to the English Study Department sent to any other email address will not be accepted.


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Fees for students who are to pass 1 or more missing state examination/s after 1st October 2019

Students who are to pass 1 or more missing state examination after 1st October 2019 after their standard period of study (6 years study period for the General Medicine Course, 5 years standard period for the Dentistry course) are to pay the fee and come for the enrollment for the academic year 2019/20 - see the attached file.

Those students will be informed in details about all necessary steps in this procedure in following weeks. Please check our websites and your email box for further information!!!


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Tuition fee for the Academic year 2019/20

Dear students,

Based on the Dean´s Measure No. 4/2019 ( issued in accordance with Appendix No. 2 to the Constitution of Charles University - Fees for Study and

Fees for study in a parallel Study Programme in English language for all students enrolled in the Academic Year 2019/20 are set

as follows:

General Medicine Course 300 000 CZK,

Dentistry Course 340 000 CZK.


In justified cases, students in higher years may ask the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen for a permission to pay their annual tuition fee in two equal instalments. Payment in two instalments is not claimed automatically. The final decision in this matter is entirely to the Dean of the Faculty.


For this purpose students are to use a request form published on our websites  and submit this filled-in form in a hard copy to the Study Department.

The deadline for submitting of request is 30th July 2019. After this date any requests will not be accepted!


In case if student´s request is positively approved by the Dean, student is to visit the Study Department personally to sign an Instalment plan/agreement, which is a binding document for the payment of tuition fee in two instalments.


Without any exception, all new coming 1st year students and re-admitted students are to pay a full amount of tuition fee in one instalment.


The University requires from each student that the tuition fee should be paid by the bank transfer and any charges required by the bank for this transfer should be covered from the student´s side (payers), so that the University will receive the mentioned amount in netto.

Students will not be enrolled and allowed to continue their study without the on-time payment of the full amount of the tuition fee.

The tuition fee should be paid to the Faculty Bank account in CZK currency.

CZK Faculty bank account

Receiver:            Univerzita Karlova, Lékařská fakulta v Plzni

                            Ovocný trh 5

                            116 36  Praha

Bank address:   Komerční banka a.s.

                            Goethova 1

                            301 00  Plzeň

Account number: 61633311/0100

IBAN:                  CZ15 0100 0000 0000 6163 3311

SWIFT:                KOMBCZPPXXX


Please check all bank details and the transferred amount carefully before you proceed the bank transfer. Do not forget to identify the tuition fee payment (name of student, year of study, date of birth…).

Sending the money to the incorrect bank account or using another currency may cause a tuition fee debit because of a payment delay and additional high bank transfer fees.


Prof.MUDr. Jindřich Fínek, Ph.D.

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen


Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pavel Fiala, Ph.D.

Vice-Dean (Academic)


Alena Korelusová

Head of the Study Department for Medical Studies in English


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Health Insurance and Medical Care

for students of master's programmes in English language

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Thieme e-book library: trial

thiemeCenter of Scientific Information has prepared a trial till the end of December into e-books collection by Thieme. This is a unique collection of illustrated, full-color textbooks and atlases of medicine primarily intended for foreign students (not only). It covers virtually all subjects taught at medical schools and is thus a great resource for teaching and learning in medicine. Trial access is realized from IP addresses of faculty and medical hospital in Pilsen. 

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Opening Hours of LFP Cash Desk

Dean's office, Husova street 3, 2nd floor

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