Actual Study Information

Organization of teaching in the summer semester of the academic year 2020/2021

With regard to the recommendations of the RUK and the current epidemiological situation, teaching will take place in the summer semester as follows:

1 / Lectures will be organized in a distance way.

2 / Practical teaching will take place in person (full-time form) with regard to current anti-epidemic rules, if quarantine measures are necessary, the teaching is transferred to the distance form for the time strictly necessary. The need for students to use protective equipment remains valid, when teaching at clinical workplaces respirator FFP2 is required.

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New core-elective subject for students of the 5th year General Medicine

Please be informed that the new core-elective course Perineal Trauma – Prevention Education, Evaluation Repair & Scanning Blended is now available. Kindly please read the attachement to find more information. 

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Information for students of 2nd – 5th year GM and 2nd – 4th year of Dentistry

Information for students of 2nd – 5th year of Genaral Medicine and 2nd – 4th year of Dentistry about core-elective subjects enrollment:

Dear students

Please be informed, that you can enroll yourself to the core-elective subjects for the summer semester. The enrollment will be started on 08. 02. 2021 at 08:00 AM in SIS (student informational system) and will last until 26. 02. 2021.

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Current information about the study valid from 22nd of October 2020

The newly announced goverment resolutions (available from the following link: do not affect university studies. This information was confirmed by the Department of Universities of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. 

The originally announced government resolutions remain effective (Government Resolution No. 1022 as amended by Government Resolution No. 1074). 

For clarity, we attach current measures (as amended from the UK website) below:

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Emergency mode of issuing ISIC cards in case of lost

In case of urgent need of issuing a new ISIC card  in case of its lost, during the closure of Dean´s office building issuing of an ISIC will be in charge of International Office, Lidická street 1, 301 00 Pilsen, Pavlovův Building  (former English Study Department)

Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00 – 11:00

During this extraordinary mode there will not be processed extension of ISIC cards validity/licence (a silver stamp).

Students who act properly in this way and respect rules for ISIC card holders, extend a validity of their ISIC annually. At the present time they have their ISIC card licence valid till the end of 2020 or they have already extended their ISIC licenece  till the end of 2021 by buying an appropriate silver sticker. Therefore, in this respect there is no risk of any harm to students.

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Oportunity to join as volunteers

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Organization of the study at Medical faculty in Pilsen since October 14th 2020 (update)

1) Between October 14th and 16th 2020, the education will follow the present rules as it has been set and issued before.

2) Since October 19th, the entire education of the First to the Fifths Year will be proceeded only by distant form, the education will follow the present schedule of practice and lectures. When practice will be organized as seminars in Fourth year, those could be aggregated for some groups – time for MS Teams group connection will be issued using SIS ...

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Block-teaching of the 5th year general medicine

Due to the given exception for clinical and practical teaching on the faculties of medicine is the block-teaching of the 5th year still realized by full-time form. The part of clinical teaching is also a study control (credits and exams) for given subjects. Even those parts of clinical teaching are realized by full-time form assuming all hygienic recommendations are consistently followed.

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Information for students who have been tested for COVID-19

Students who were tested and are Covid-19 positive, must stay in home isolation regardless of the (non) presence of clinical symptoms for 10 days. Additionally, If they have symptoms, there must be at minimum 3 days without symptoms at the end of the isolation.

Those who come out negative must remain in quarantine for 10 days from the last contact with the positive person. If they develop symptoms, they must be examined for Covid-19.

5. říjen 2020 317 dvomi

For all students of the first and second year GM

For all students of the first and second year General Medicine:

Effective from 6 October 2020 until 16 October 2020, all in-person instruction is switched over to remote forms.

Please, follow instructions of the subjects’ guarantors!


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COVID-19 report

UK students and staff are required to report COVID-19 positivity.

Please use the following form:

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Basics of IT / Informatics in Dentistry

The teaching of informatics for the general medicine and dentistry will be realized only by distance form in this electronic course.

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Opening hours of the Department for Medical Studies in English

Husova street 3 – Dean´s office, basement of the building, on the right from the reception

8:30 – 11:30 

Tuesday and Thursday
8:30 – 11:30, 12:30 – 14:30 

Wednesday and Friday


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Teaching rules at LF UK in Pilsen

1. Lectures
Lectures for all years of studies and for all study programmes is possible to held only in distance form. 

2. Seminars
The teaching form of seminars within the meaning of joining two or more Groups can be held only in distance form. 

3. Physical Education 
The teaching can be held in Groups of 15 people without restriction. In case if more then 15 people is present, the teaching can be held out of the inside spaces of buildings only. 

4. Practicals and clinical teaching
Whole practical and clinical teaching, including teaching of Medical Terminology can be  held in present form, without body count restrictions. 

During full-time teaching, all students must be equipped with protective equipment!

Those rules are valid since the beginning of new academic year to 23. 10. 2020.

24. září 2020 405 dvomi

Examination period in September extended till 30.9.2020

Due to the pandemic situation, the examination period in September has been extended from 15th September 2020 till 30th September 2020.

The deadline for the enrollment into the next Academic year 20/21 is 30th September 2020.

The Academic year 20/21 starts on Thursday 1st October.

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New curriculum of General Medicine Course

This curriculum is valid for students enrolled as 1st year students in the current academic year 2019/19 and in upcomming academic years.

Students enrolled as 1st year students before this academic year 2019/20 are continueing their studies without change according the original (old) curriculum.

System of the curriculum valid in the current academic year 2019/20 please find also in the Karolinka booklet attached to this article.

19. červen 2020 1214 kor

Health Insurance and Medical Care

for students of master's programmes in English language

29. říjen 2018 1627 kot


Students of the 2nd and 4th year of General Medicine Course, who can´t do the Summer Practice in their home countries, are to inform the Study Department for Medical Studies in English until the end of April 2020. They have to fulfill the requirement of at least basic knowledge of Czech language to be able to communicate with patients and staff at the hospital. The knowledge of Czech will be tested during an interview at the University Hospital.

28. leden 2020 594 bra

Subjects of the 1st year General Medicine - new curriculum

Dear students,

In the attached file please find a list of 1st year General Medicine subjects taught from the academic year 2019/20 according a new curricula and a list of prerequisities necessary for the enrollment into the 2nd year in the following academic year 2020/21.

1. říjen 2019 846 kor

Thieme e-book library: trial

thiemeCenter of Scientific Information has prepared a trial till the end of December into e-books collection by Thieme. This is a unique collection of illustrated, full-color textbooks and atlases of medicine primarily intended for foreign students (not only). It covers virtually all subjects taught at medical schools and is thus a great resource for teaching and learning in medicine. Trial access is realized from IP addresses of faculty and medical hospital in Pilsen. 

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