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Counselling for students

We offer psychological counselling for English-speaking students.

Do you ever feel too overwhelmed to deal with your problems? If so, you're not alone.

Some people seek psychotherapy because they have felt depressed, anxious or angry for a long time. Others may want help for a chronic illness that is interfering with their emotional or physical well-being. Still others may have short-term problems they need help navigating. Signs that you could benefit from therapy include:

You feel an overwhelming, prolonged sense of helplessness and sadness.

Your problems don't seem to get better despite your efforts and help from family and friends.

You find it difficult to concentrate on work assignments or to carry out other everyday activities.

You worry excessively, expect the worst or are constantly on edge.

Your actions, such as drinking too much alcohol, using drugs or being aggressive, are harming you or others.

Opening hours:

Wednesday 13 – 15 hours

Registration here :

Contact: PhDr. Barbora Nová,
Psychological counseling takes place here:

University Hospital Lochotín - entrance "A" -2 floor
PhDr. Barbora Nová
Denní stacionář (next to mammograph)

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