Registration - Diploma, Graduation Ceremony

Registration - Diploma, Graduation Ceremony


Graduates can decide if they participate at the Graduation Ceremony in Prague held on 27th August 2020 at 13:30 p.m.


Graduates who fulfilled all the conditions for registration for their Diplomas should be registered by the Study Dept. at the latest on   


Thursday, 9th July 2020


Registration is processed via email . The graduate sends an information about the date of theire last State examination, a town/city of birth and country of birth  and a copy of an ID or a passport attached to the email, clearly showing the personal data of the graduate. Graduate´s personal visit at the Study department is not necessary.

Graduates are to announce their decision to participate or not to participate at the graduation ceremony via email on the day of their Diploma registration!


Because of the rules of issuing of Diplomas and the whole technical process regarding issuing of the diploma taking at least 6-8 weeks, it is not possible to register any graduate for the Graduation Ceremony after the deadline above.


Students who register for their diplomas after the deadline and students who do not want to participate at the Graduation Ceremony will be offered a date of collecting of their diploma individually. These students can get their Diploma at the Study office in Pilsen after signing the Matriculaton Book at Carolinum in Prague. 


In case if the graduate cannot be present in the Czech Republic to collect their diploma, this process can be done also by another person based on the power of attorney (for the form see the attached file of this article or the website - Power of Attorney - Diploma).




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