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29th June 2020

Opening hours during summer holiday

Library EXCL. study room 1 (=still closed): 07/07/2020 - 08/31/2020 INCL. study rooms 2 & 3 will be opened 8:00 am - 2:30 pm.

30th March 2020

medical trials for CU

23rd March 2020

trial into Amboss

Till 04/20/2020 (extended till 07/01/2020) we recommend to try Amboss. Amboss is an educational portal for medical students and doctors. Instructions on how to connect and use the source is more comprehensive, but perhaps understandable and clear.

11th March 2020

coronavirus - decision CSI

Based on the epidemiological situation and following the decision minister of health, rector and dean are Study rooms 1-3 CLOSED!

The library has limited opening hours: 8:00am - 2:00pm.

The library (CSI) is CLOSED for students.

10th March 2020

trial into DynaMed

Till 04/06/2020 (extended till 05/06/2020) we recommend to try DynaMed. This database is the clinical reference tool that physicians go to for answers to clinical questions.

17th February 2020

new kitchenette for students opened

A new kitchenette was opened for students.

2nd January 2020 News still valid

1.) UpToDate for faculty and hospital

We announce the access into database UpToDate direct access / remote access. It is an information resource for medical evidence-based practice.

2.) New university search engine UKAŽ

The university has its own search engine UKAŽ. UKAŽ is instead of MetaLib.

3.) Publishing house Karolinum & Ebook Central

Publishing house Karolinum is the first publishing house in the Czech Republic which publishes its e-books via Ebook Central.

4.) E-resources portal for Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen

  • To whom is the remote access intended?
    For students and staff of the Charles University.
  • What have I to do for the access?
    Students of Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen will set a remote access via - Charles University authentication service.

Important information about using the electronic resources:
Under the license agreements permitted to use electronic resources exclusively for personal study and research needs. The use in the commercial sector is strictly prohibited! Mass downloading data from various sources clearly in excess of the actual need for personal research is considered a violation of license terms. Any violation of the above rules may lead to the blocking of access to resources for the whole Charles University!

And do not forget:

E-resources portal is the guidepost to e-resources of Charles University.

E-journals portal is designed for finding the journals which are accessible at the faculty/university.

5.) Bone model borrowing

Since the 2019/2020 school year, we have been introducing an option for first year students in cooperation with the Department of Anatomy bone model borrowing.