General info

The study room 1 is situated at Faculty of Medicine in Pavlov's pavilion on the ground floor on the left side from the main stairs. The study rooms 2, 3 are situated at Faculty of Medicine in Pavlov's pavilion on the first floor (one wing of the formerly department of physiology).

Study room 1 - opening hours

MON - THU  8:00 am - 5:00 pm 
FRI 8:00 am - 3:00 pm 

Study rooms 2, 3 - opening hours

MON - FRI  7:00 am - 7:00 pm 

Services of the study rooms 1-3

Both students and staff of the University Hospital and Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen can use services of the study rooms. For all is recommended to read the Operating rules of the study rooms.

In the study room 1 you can use:

  • PC's with connection to Internet
  • MS Windows 10, MS Office 2016, ...
  • Wi-Fi network Eduroam (you MUST have a verified password in CAS!)
    CIT / Study Department does your password verification. You find the necessary information about Wi-Fi network Eduroam in CAS - the login information is your username. And your password is a newly set up password NOT-identical with CAS password.
  • self-service system for printing and copying at Konica Minolta bizhub C458
  • reference library for attendance loans only

In the study rooms 2 & 3 you can:

  • self studying
  • use Wi-Fi network Eduroam (recommendations regarding use are the same as in the study room 1)
  • to buy earplugs (20 CZK) in a handy package (beware - automat does NOT change)

Study room 3 is in a silent mode now. It means do NOT talk, do NOT whisper, to MUTE all your electronic devices! If you want to learn collectively use the study room 2 or sitting bags on the floor.


Since February 2020 we launched a kitchenette for students. It is located on the first floor at the same premises as Study rooms 2 & 3 are. The principles of its use are simple:

  • keep your work and dining table clean
  • washed and tidy dishes are a matter of course
  • the kettle and microwave ready to be used again be used again
  • do not take any facilities outside kitchenette
  • inform the CSI staff or the porter's lodge (377 593 111) about any defect
  • keep in mind the kitchenette is closed 11:00am - 11:30am for regular cleaning

kitchenette - appliances kitchenette - sink kitchenette - tea, instructions for use of appliances kitchenette - table, chairs

PC account at the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen

You must have a computer account to use computer(s). There is a necessary to have the student card and closer information read, please, at: computer user accounts. The students of the 1st year will obtain login information at the subject called Computer technology.


We have prepared some photos of the study rooms for you.

Study room 1:

front view - study room 1 brochure about ScienceDirect desks with PC's in the study room 1 encyclopedia Britannica

Study rooms 2, 3:

entry into new study rooms 2, 3 identification using student card opening hours of the study roooms 2, 3 access to the internet via Wi-Fi Eduroam main corridor, seat bags, ear plugs automat ear plugs automat entry into study room 2 study room 2 learning in the new study rooms is a delight entry into study room 3 study room 3