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Cancellation of classes and examination terms

Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic has cancelled all in-person classes (lectures, seminars, practicals) at the universities of the Czech Republic until further noticed.

In accordance with this resolution regarding the forbidden personal presence of students in all educational facilities in the Czech Republic, all examination and State examination terms are cancelled until further noticed.

All events (graduation ceremonies, conferences, symposia, sport events) with the expected attendance of over 100 persons are cancelled.

CHU recommends to consider cancelling events with the expected attendance up to 100 persons.

We fully recommend to students to check regularly their email and the faculty website for any new instructions.


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1st year General Medicine Timetables

1st year students can find their timetables here:

under setting of following criteria

Year:  1- 1.ročník

Branch: AVSEOB-Všeobecné lékařství-angličani

Study Group: (choose the number of group you belong to)

Grab DISPLAY 1.AVSEOB to see your schedule

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COVID-19 positive students

When the student is being COVID-19 positive and/or is being in quarantine, he or she is not able to participate the classes or practical. The form and the content of the education replacement and the conditions to fulfill the study duties are determined  by the guarantor of the subject. Student, who is not able to take a part of an education due to the above mentioned reasons, has to discuss  the education replacement and  the conditions of the fulfilling the study duties only with given subject´s guarantor. Vice-dean for education of General Medicine or Dentistry makes decisions only in cases of appeals against the decisions of subject´s guarantor, the last level  of the appeal request only could be addressed to the Dean.

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Examination terms

Dear students,

We fully recommend you to study and prepare continually for the exams. As we were informed by the Vice-Dean, regarding the examination terms and ways of examination and study check please contact your examinator at the appropriate Deapartment for more detailed information.


Study Department for Medical Studies in English

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Coronavirus extraordinary measure

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