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Library of Faculty of Medicine is now on Facebook and Twitter

If you are interested in what is new in the library, you are welcome to follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Our aim is to give all our users useful information they need in their studies or work. 

Our posts are usually concentrated on new books offered by the library, available e-books and other sources, changes in the opening hours and services of the library, interesting events taking place either in our library, or in the city of Pilsen. And there is always a little bit of fun present as well.

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Výběrová řízení
VŘ Stomatologie- asistent

V Plzni dne 13.05.2022 UKLFP/277152/2022-1 Děkan Lékařské fakulty v Plzni, Univerzity Karlovy [...]

May 13, 2022 1

Výběrová řízení
VŘ A/OA Ústavu histologie a embryologie LFP UK

V Plzni dne/ In Pilsen on:  1.3.2022 Reg. Nr. UKLFP/113603/2022-1 Děkan Lékařské fakulty v Plzni, [...]

March 1, 2022 1

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