December 21, 2020 370 dvomi

See you in 2021

Dear colleagues, dear students, the just ending year2020 began twelve months ago, writing beautiful balanced and enchanting numbers and everything looked beautiful just like the two twenties in a row. However, before we could start writing elevens in the daily calendar in front of them no stone was left unturned. In order to protect ourselves against the viremia we restricted certain civil rights, we cannot travel or gather freely anymore. We give up these rights voluntarily and in the interest of protecting not only our own health. Nevertheless, we look to the future with concern and wonder what will happen.

The world will undoubtedly change with the pandemic and it will not change only for some time but it will change forever. I see the ongoing viremia as a warning (and perhaps the last warning) call from Mother Earth to show that we have really exaggerated our dedication to well-being at the expense of resources. We read a year ago that in the next few years there will be a lack of more than 100,000 pilots and thousands of aircrafts in the world. We will all enthusiastically move many times a year to places that will be the same as at home or totally overwhelmed by tourists. We thought about how to protect the centers of our historic cities a bit, how to arrange for our people to cross Charles Bridge in real time. We turned the historical centers into one huge overpriced dining room, and we filled the romantic corners of Prague with sellers of “trdelníky” (a kind of spit cakes).

All this will not return, restaurants will disappear, tourists will be a rarity, the possibility of a romantic walk through old Prague will once again become an option. We will pay a great price for all this. Jobs will become scarce again. Let us not wait for miracles, let us not believe in changes that we will not make ourselves. Vaccination does not change the world for the better, we change it with our own behavior.

In both the spring and autumn waves of the pandemic, our students demonstrated immense bravery and responsibility in volunteering in our medical facilities. On top of this, they tried to study and pass exams as best they could. They deserve our gratitude and admiration for this, they should grow into excellent doctors because for more than 50 years students did not have similar experience. Just now the efforts of the university management and the Association of Deans of the Medical Faculties to provide students in their final years with competencies in the provision of care that clearly distinguish them from paramedics are even becoming a reality. The management of Charles University is able to maintain the courses of teaching, research and internal life of the university even under the current measures.

The year 2021 will be a little harder to write, it will be a little less rich and prodigal, it will be different, but it will certainly not be worse. The year 2020 taught us to appreciate true values, responsibility, if we bring these qualities into the New Year, it will certainly be better.

However, if you are still depressed in these gray days, go and look at the construction of the UniMeC II campus. The growth rate of the building represents the strength of our faculty, its unity, efficiency and even courage. Each one of you is building the new campus, no matter what your position is at our faculty.

Dear students, dear colleagues, let me wish you health and happiness not only in the following year, peace and quiet in the family, a beautiful Christmas without unnecessary things. And believe me, next year will be wonderful.

prof. MUDr. Jindřich Fínek, Ph.D., MHA

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