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Current information about full-time teaching from 6. 4. 2021

Following the valid Government Resolution No. 200 of 26 February 2021, the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen is returning to full-time teaching of all years of both study programs in Czech and English from Tuesday 6 April 2021. 

Full-time teaching continues to apply only to clinical and practical teaching and practice of students in compliance with all current anti-epidemic measures. All workplaces were equipped with a sufficient number of protective equipment (FFP2 respirators) and students of all years are also equipped. All students were informed of their return to full-time teaching. 

The management of the faculty is convinced that all workplaces are able to provide clinical and practical teaching. At the same time, it was possible to ensure that academic staff will be vaccinated preferentially at the Department of Occupational Medicine, University Hospital Pilsen. At the same time, the issue of possible antigenic testing of students who will come to the workplace of the faculty is carefully considered in order to ensure maximum safety for all employees and students of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen.

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