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Tuition fee for the Academic year 2022/2023

Fees for study in a parallel Study Program in English language in the Academic Year 2022/23 are set

as follows:


1) for students who were admitted to study no later than the academic year 2021/2022


DENTISTRY                 340,000.00 CZK


2) for students who were admitted to study in the academic year 2022/2023


DENTISTRY                 350,000.00 CZK


In justified cases, students in higher years may ask the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen for a permission to pay their annual tuition fee in two equal instalments. Payment in two instalments is not claimed automatically. The final decision in this matter is entirely to the Dean of the Faculty.

For this purpose students are asked to use a request form published on our websites Lékařská fakulta v Plzni | Univerzita Karlova ( and submit this filled-in form to the Study Department (a scan sent via e-mail is sufficient).

The deadline for submitting of request is 29th July 2021. After this date any requests will not be accepted!

In case if student´s request is positively approved by the Dean, student will visit the Study Department personally to sign an Instalment plan/agreement, which is a binding document for the payment of tuition fee in two instalments.

Without any exception, all new coming 1st year students will pay a full amount of tuition fee in one instalment.


The University requires from each student that the tuition fee should be paid by the bank transfer and any charges required by the bank for this transfer should be covered from the student´s side (payers), so that the University will receive the mentioned amount in netto.


The tuition fee should be paid to the Faculty Bank account in CZK currency.

CZK Faculty bank account

Receiver:            Univerzita Karlova, Lékařská fakulta v Plzni

                          Ovocný trh 5

                          116 36  Praha

Bank address:      Komerční banka a.s.

                           Goethova 1

                           301 00  Plzeň

Account number:  61633311/0100

IBAN:                  CZ15 0100 0000 0000 6163 3311

SWIFT:                KOMBCZPPXXX


Please check all bank details and the transferred amount carefully before you proceed the bank transfer. Do not forget to identify the tuition fee payment (name of student, year of study, date of birth…).

Sending the money to the incorrect bank account or using another currency may cause a tuition fee debit because of a payment delay and additional high bank transfer fees.


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