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Erasmus+ study periods SS 2021/2022 - 2. selection round

How to apply?

1) All students can apply through the online system  https://is.cuni.cz/webapps/

 Students gain access to the system by using their personal number (the eight-figure number on their student identity card below the photo) and the password that goes with the identity card. If they have forgotten the password or it has expired, they can get a new one from the CU Central Authentication Service at https://ldap1.cuni.cz/language/switch?lang=en


The on-line system is open for applications for Erasmus study periods abroad in the summer semester 2021/2022 from 1. 9. to 30. 9. 2021. The results of the selection procedures are announced by the Erasmus faculty coordinator and are also entered in the on-line system (by indicating whether students are nominated or not nominated).


Please deliver in a paper work to the Dept. of Internatinal Relations at Husova street 3, Pilsen:

- an Academic Report/Transcript of Records – which is provided by the Study department

- a Certificate of knowledge of foreign language (if you are not a native speaker)

- a CV in English language

- a motivation letter in English language

Deadline: 30. 9. 2021

Where study?

University State Free places Study field Language Web
University of Antwerp Belgium 2 GM English https://www.uantwerpen.be/en/study/erasmus-and-exchange-students/admission/
University of Eastern Finland Finland 1 DS English https://www.uef.fi/en/exchange-studies
Sorbonne University France 1 GM French https://www.sorbonne-universite.fr/en/education/study-sorbonne-university/exchange-students 
University of Strasbourg France 2 GM French https://www.unistra.fr/index.php?id=18506 
University of Lübeck Germany 1 GM German https://www.uni-luebeck.de/en/university-education/international/international-students.html
University of Regensburg Germany 2 DS German https://www.uni-regensburg.de/ur-international/exchange-students/download/index.html
University of Regensburg Germany 1 GM German https://www.uni-regensburg.de/ur-international/exchange-students/download/index.html
Friedrich Schiller University of Jena Germany 2 GM German https://www.uni-jena.de/en/gueststudies
University of Debrecen Hungary 1 DS English http://mobi.unideb.hu/en/for_incoming_students
University of Sassari Italy 1 DS Italian/English https://sdr.medicinachirurgia.uniss.it/it/internazionale/studenti-incoming
University of Naples Federico II Italy 1 GM Italian/English http://www.unina.it/unina-international/student-mobility/erasmus
University of Genoa Italy 1 GM Italian/English https://www.studenti.unige.it/areaint/foreignstudents/erasmus/english
Riga Stradins University Latvia 1 DS English https://www.rsu.lv/en/international-cooperation/mobility-programmes/erasmus-incoming-students
Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Lithuania 2 DS English https://lsmuni.lt/en/activities/exchange-studies/erasmus-for-incoming/study-programmes-in-english/
Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Lithuania 2 GM English https://lsmuni.lt/en/activities/exchange-studies/erasmus-for-incoming/study-programmes-in-english/
Vilnius University Lithuania 1 DS English https://www.vu.lt/en/studies/exchange-students
Vilnius University Lithuania 2 GM English https://www.vu.lt/en/studies/exchange-students
Medical University of Silesia Poland 2 GM English https://student.sum.edu.pl/incoming-students/
University of Porto Portugal 3 GM Portuguese/English https://sigarra.up.pt/up/en/web_base.gera_pagina?p_pagina=122272
Nova University of Lisbon Portugal 1 GM Portuguese http://www.fcm.unl.pt/main/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=256&Itemid=405&lang=en
University of Granada Spain 1 GM Spanish http://internacional.ugr.es/pages/movilidad/estudiantes/entrantes
CEU San Pablo University Spain 2 DS English https://www.uspceu.com/en/students/mobility
CEU San Pablo University Spain 2 GM Spanish https://www.uspceu.com/en/students/mobility
Miguel Hernandez University of Elche Spain 2 GM Spanish https://internacional.umh.es/incoming/
CEU Cardinal Herrera University Spain 2 DS English https://www.uchceu.com/en/services/international-relations/studying-at-ceu
CEU Cardinal Herrera University Spain 2 GM Spanish/English https://www.uchceu.com/en/services/international-relations/studying-at-ceu
Umeå University Sweden 1 GM English https://www.umu.se/en/education/exchange-students
Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa Turkey 1 GM English https://erasmus.istanbulc.edu.tr/en/_

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