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Canteens of LFP and ZČU

In the new academic year you can use the canteens and buffets of LFP and also ZČU.


Canteen LFP:

-          Buffet a canteen at LFP Unimec

  • In the buffet and canteen at LFP Unimec it is not necessary to order meals in advance. Sufficient number of meals is guaranteed and customers may choose on the spot. Nevertheless the possibility to order a meal in advance remains. See here.
  • You will find more information on services, offers and prices in the attachments below.

-          The canteen ŠAF is currently closed. Its reopening depends on the stabilization of the personnel situation.

-          The canteen Lidická is definitely closed.


Canteen ZČU:

-          The students and employees may use both canteens of ZČU – Menza 1, Kolárova 19 and Menza 4, Univerzitní 12. See more information in the attachment.

 Offer and pricelist attached below.

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