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EHA Research Grants

EHA Research Grants support talented junior researchers in advancing their career, e.g. towards becoming the leader of a research group.

If you have ambition for advancing your career and you have the support of your department and institute, welcome to the homepage for EHA Research Grants!

Please note that the EHA Research Grants are intended for basic and translational lab-based research in hematology. Purely clinical research projects will not be eligible, nor projects in health economics or other non-lab-based research. An exception can be the translational part of a clinical trial, although it must be relevant and novel.

Junior Research Grant: €50.000, - per year, for 3 years
For researchers doing basic research within 4 years of their PhD graduation. The month of graduation must be less than 4 years before the closing date of the application. Exceptions must be justified.

Advanced Research Grant: €80.000, - per year, for 2 years
For researchers doing basic research 4-8 years after their PhD graduation. This is the time interval between the month of graduation and the closing date of the application. Exceptions must be justified.

Physician Scientist Research Grant: €80.000, - per year, for 2 years
For physician scientists who are involved in patient care and:

  • Are MD or equivalent
  • Are within 4 years after PhD graduation OR MD graduation OR hematology training (or equivalent), whatever comes last at the closing date of the application. Exceptions must be justified.
  • Have a proven track record in research by publications
  • Must have at least 50% protected time for performing the research project, to be justified in the letter of support by the Head of Department where the research will be performed.
  • It is highly preferred that the topic of research is related to the specialty in the clinic. (e.g. LAB: developing a mouse model in MPN, CLINIC: treating MPN)

Complete information is available on this link.

The proposals are administered through the EHA portal: https://eha.fluxx.io/user_sessions/new

Important dates:

The faculty deadline: 16. 11. 2021 (please express your intention to take part at this call by sending us the Project application)

The call closes on: 16. 12. 2021, 12:00 (CET)

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