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Lecturer of the course Computer Technology in English


Lékařská fakulta v Plzni Univerzity Karlovy


Lecturer of the course Computer Technology in English


  • Work on the basis of the agreement to complete a job (Dohoda o provedení práce)
  • Support of a consistent team of colleagues experienced in teaching students
  • Possibility of modification of the time schedule according to the lecturer’s preferences


  • Higher education
  • Knowledge of English language enabling teaching in English
  • Knowledge of IT environment, excellent knowledge of MS office – Word, Excel
  • Prior teaching experience is an advantage

Další informace:

Teaching PhD students studying in English study programmes
Content: Introduction to computer typography, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Excel - descriptive statistics, Risks and safety when using Internet
Expected range: 6 hours of teaching classes in presence in Pilsen Czech Republic, evaluation of final tests and granting credits
The whole IT course is a combination of the face to face class and an already prepared online course in Moodle, during which active electronic communication with students is presumed.
Expected number of students per semester: 15
Time schedule: summer semester of the academic year (February – May), the time schedule may be adapted according to the lecturer’s preferences


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