ssscr logoThe Czech dental students Association is a non-profit organization for dental students of the Czech Republic. We have branches in all university towns in Czech Republic ( Prague, Brno, Pilsen, Olomouc and Hradec Králové). In 2014 Pilsen branch of our association organized these events:

On the 22nd April, we organised the 5th anual prophylaxis event called: Healthy tooth in healthy Pilsen. There were over 50 dentistry students in the main square in Pilsen and they tried to explain basic problems of oral hygiene. Students answered questions posed by the general publicand and demonstated proper techniques of brushing teeth.

During the summer holidays – from 20th to 25th July – 15 students from all the university towns participated in our preventive event „Na vlnách Listerine“ (On the waves of Listerine ). This event had one main goal – to spread the fundamentals of dental hygiene in the camping place of Vltava river. Whole action was a positive experience for rafters, but also for the students.

At the beginning of September the Association organized in partnership with IFMSA adaptation course for future students of the first year. 90 students from general medicine and dentistry participated in variety of competitions with medical topics, lectures and parties under the leadership of 15 collegues/students from higher years. After the adaptation course, before the new school year started, we organized an Infotour where future students got many important information about our faculty.

On the 2nd of October, after a successful first year, we took part in the second year of Czech healthy teeth. It was held in the Czech Radio building on Naměstí Míru. After a short lecture by dentists and dental hygienists, five dental students showed visitors the right brushing techniques on models. Two of the students with the dentist participated in a live broadcast and answered questions the public might find the most interesting.

We organised a volleyball tournament for all fans of this sport in the end of October. The best 3 from total 6 teams were given prizes such as cups, medals and other gifts from our generous sponsors. We also organised a party called Zubařské mecheche that night to regenerate muscles and strenghten relationships.

On the 11th November we continued in competitions. Students of 1st to 4th year of dentistry tested their skills on the first year of Dental olympics. Tasks, which were a part of entrance examinations, were checked and pointed by students of 5th year and two of the university doctors.

At the beginning of December there was a lecture about dental hygiene for pregnant women in the University hospital. The project was called Gravident. The form of the lecture was approved by dentists and it was useful and interesting by expectant mothers. Future lectures has  already been agreed in other maternity centres.

Apart from the preventive and social events, our association also helped two students from our faculty to participate in an internship in Budapest and organized several workshops and lectures about dental topics (oscillatory - rotatory technologies, oral hygiene, etc.) The most important educational event was the International Dental Student Congress 2014, where students could attend a lot of lectures and workshops and present their own projects in the Lecture Contest.





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