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Medici v Akci is group of people who care about holds the events and similar actions especially for students of LPF UK. We are young organization founded by the beginning of 2012. Our mission is to make sure every action under our wings or cooperation with us was unique and that's why we're putting in it lots of creativity and ideas. Our event holding aren't limited just for events created by us. We like to work with other companies or with faculty. In past we realized events for medic faculty UK in Pilsen, garden's celebration hockey and football matches including after parties. Cooperation with companies Medicus Pilsensis and IFMSA isn't unknown for us as well.

Medici v Akci are here for you. Have you got ideas, suggestions or questions? Or you just don't want to miss our Wednesday party?

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Výběrová řízení
VŘ - Asistent/Asistentka Neurologické kliniky

V Plzni dne 23. 11. 2021  UKLFP/82672/2021-1   Děkan Lékařské fakulty v Plzni, Univerzity [...]

23. listopad 2021 1

Výběrová řízení
VEDOUCÍ Ústavu histologie a embryologie

  Reg. Nr. UKLFP/  476342 /2021-1   Děkan Lékařské fakulty v Plzni, Univerzity Karlovy vypisuje [...]

18. listopad 2021 1

Výběrová řízení
VŘ - Klinika anesteziologie, resuscitace a int. med. - Zástupce přednosty pro vých. a věd. činnost

V Plzni dne 16. 11. 2021  UKLFP/476349/2021-1 Děkan Lékařské fakulty v Plzni, Univerzity Karlovy [...]

16. listopad 2021 1

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