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Unforgettable Christmas

Facultas nostra 2021, December (editorial)

For each of us, some Christmases are unforgettable. It could be those in childhood, the one when there was a new member of the family at the tree, the one when we got a long-awaited gift, or when the family got together after a long time. My unique Christmas was different. It was the year 1969, the ground was covered by the smog of communist normalization, however there were still discreet places where the flame of hope was glowing.

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Prof. Milena Králíčková elected the new Rector of Charles University

Facultas nostra 2021, December

On 22 October 2021 the Academic Senate of Charles University elected the new Rector of CU. In secret ballot prof. Milena Králíčková, the current Vice-Rector of CU for education and at the same time the head of the Department of Histology and Embryology of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen of Charles University and the head of one of the two research programs of our Biomedical Center, won against her rival candidate by a comfortable number of votes.

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Alliance 4EU+ develops „hybrid“ mobility in Covid times

Facultas nostra 2021, December

If we want to find some positive aspects of Covid, the vast development of the distance teaching will definitely be one of them. Streaming or recording lectures, webinars and other tools are teaching methods which are commonly used nowadays and which bring benefits also in the “non-Covid” times. One example is the student exchange between six universities joined in the Alliance 4EU+, when the students never leave their alma mater.

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International students have got a new club room

Facultas nostra 2021, December

ISMAP – The International Student Medical Association of Pilsen that organises extracurricular activities for students in English study programs – has got a new club room. The faculty has reconstructed and furnished one room at Šafránek building for this purpose. Students then added their own equipment and acessories to make the space comfortable and cosy. On 6th October, the Dean of the faculty Prof. Fínek and the Vice-Dean Ass. Prof. Kuncová handed the room over to the students at a little ceremony. Let the room serve well and become a place for community meetings and a source of new inspirational ideas.

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What is going on at the construction site?

Facultas nostra 2021, December

I hope I will not insult anyone by the following comparison – it definitely is not my aim. I’ve got an idea to compare our construction to a woman. She is born and it is a great event, then she grows quickly but she is still a child. Our construction the same: in the beginning, a giant crater emerged at the site rather quickly, the shell construction went up, everybody admired how the work was flowing. (They would say about a girl: “She is so cute!”) Then for a long time it looks like nothing much is going on, not only form the outside, but also inside. You can see hundreds of workers and technicians pulling cables, hanging pipes, building one or another partition wall, sometimes you can see a window newly glazed, but still no beauty or cosiness (and we are back at the comparison, when neutral “She has grown a lot!“ would be said).

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Sports success of the LFP students in 2021

Facultas nostra 2021, December

Although medicine are demanding studies, there are active sportsmen among medical students. Ice-hockey players find their employment in the Pilsen Academics team (a joint team with the West Bohemian University); however, we can find further students who can manage to harmonize sport and studies in disciplines that do not fill media that often.

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A two-piece advice – Dean´s editorial

Facultas nostra 2021, 10 (October)

Not long ago I have received a visit from my colleague from Prague. His daughter had recently fulfilled her childhood dream. She was accepted into our faculty´s general medicine program. A well educated girl, she was a straight A student in high school. She was in the top third of our acceptees – she didn´t fulfill the requirements for admission without entrance exam due to her high schools focus on the humanities.

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A distinguished anatomist and pedagogue has passed

Facultas nostra 2021, 10 (October)

Both current and past students, employees and many others associated with the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen mourn the death of a great man. Docent Pavel Fiala has passed on. He was a legendary figure of our faculty, an academic who molded entire generations of students. We bring to you some of his colleagues´ memories of his life. The comments in-between those texts come from messages on our faculty´s Facebook page. With profound respect for this exceptional man´s legacy our editorial staff would like to commemorate his many professional and personal qualities.

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Future dentists succeeded in international competition

Facultas nostra 2021, 10 (October)

Since 2004 students of dentistry test their skills in an international inter-university competition for the Jules Allemand Trophy (JAT). There are three rounds. The first one is between students at a particular university, the second is state-wide and the third is international. The state-wide one has returned to the Department of stomatology in Pilsen after 13 years. The competition was conducted under the auspices of the department´s chief Doc. MUDr. Antonín Zicha, CSc., and the scientific supervisor MUDr. Eva Chládková.

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What (not) to ask a medic?

Facultas nostra 2021, 10 (October)

Every new medic knows that life changes after you start studying medicine. They will have to speak almost more in Latin than in Czech. They will have to learn to like white color. They will spend their pocket money for textbooks. They will find their gluteus maximus sore from all the sitting. There are many new realities to the life of a fresh medic. However, there is one thing you seldom think about before you start your studies – when people learn that you study medicine, they will ask a particular set of questions. These questions will be the same throughout your life from the day you start medicine. Should you make a tick for every time you are asked one of them, you could fill an entire book. Too bad there is no reward for every 50 ticks or something similar. Here are my top 10 questions people ask medics.

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The year 2020 in the Biomedical Centre

Facultas nostra 2021, 6 (June) 

In 2020, the Biomedical Centre (BC) continued to address its dominant research topics: infectious diseases (sepsis, antibiotic resistance of bacteria, prophylaxis of viral infections in transplantology), oncological problems in connection with experimental surgery, biocompatibility, stem cells, neurophysiology and reproductive medicine. 

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What's going on at the construction site?

Facultas nostra 2021, 6 (June)

I'm going to start today with a question I get a lot: "Why did they destroy the sidewalk in the alley from University Hospital to Academic Square?" So I take this opportunity to answer it. The relocation of the pavement was planned from the outset because the first stage did not include a design adequate for the fact that this road is also a firefighters' road. Thus, the entire northern part of the alley and the entire academic square will be relaid with the appropriate material, but do not worry, we will not throw away the existing pavement and will use it for other pavements.

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The exam period from the point of view of a medical student

Facultas nostra 2021, 6 (June)

Here we go. Once again, after half a year, the biggest fear of every med student comes …exams. After each exam period, the plan for the next semester is clear and (it must be added) the same as the previous year: study continuously, attend all lectures, solve at least x questions per day in each subject. The more adventurous among us plan at least one term ahead.


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